Expansion Opportunities

The global population of people over age 65 is rapidly growing, creating many exciting opportunities for introducing elder care franchise networks in many parts of the world. We are currently seeking entrepreneurs in the following countries where our data suggests a high potential for success of the Home Instead Senior Care® model.


Despite the prevalence of government-funded elder care in Sweden, nearly one quarter of in-home assistance provided to Swedish seniors is performed by private companies. In fact, private companies are entering this sector at a rapid pace, which speaks to the excellent opportunity Sweden offers for a Home Instead Senior Care® partner.

Being a longtime Swedish resident or national, you understand the service voucher system better than most. To be a successful partner, you should also possess a deep understanding of how to evaluate individual municipalities in order to cultivate franchisees in strategic locales. Sound like an interesting challenge? Then contact us today to learn more about how we may partner with you to bring our world-class in-home elder care model to Sweden’s
aging population.

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The vast majority of elderly Danes wish to age in place, in their own homes, and the Greater Choice of Provider law opened the home care market to private companies in 2002. Yet very few private elder care providers operate regionally in Denmark, let alone nationally, which signals a great opportunity for you to partner with Home Instead Senior Care to bring our proven in-home senior care model to all of Denmark.

The timing could not be better for an entrepreneur to launch a private senior care network. Over the next 20 years, the elderly population of Denmark is set to double. This translates to more individuals seeking the personal and practical care Home Instead Senior Care provides. As a master franchisee in Denmark, you can combine your entrepreneurial spirit with your keen understanding of how Danish elder care reimbursement systems work to create a successful franchise network in your home country while providing a vital service to the elderly population. Contact us today to start a conversation about how you might become a master franchisee in Denmark.

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For the Norwegian entrepreneur who is passionate about private enterprise, Home Instead Senior Care offers the opportunity to prove to municipalities how much value a for-profit elder care provider can deliver. Norway’s rapidly aging population combined with the country’s affluence makes it a prime territory for a private elder care company.

Norway ranks highly for ease of business start-up, which will allow you to start operating quickly. And recent data show that more municipalities are embracing the concept of tendering out elder care services to private companies. As an initial entrant to this growing market, you can help set the standard for high-quality care provided to Norwegian seniors. To explore the idea of becoming a partner of Home Instead Senior Care in Norway, contact us today.

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As a country that welcomes franchise and other business models, Belgium offers an excellent opportunity for entering the elder care market with a proven or creative model. Belgians seem to recognize that the European health care system will not keep up with the growing demand for elder care, even as paying for private care continues to gain acceptance.

A Belgian Home Instead partner will leverage his or her insider knowledge and business abilities to create a robust elder care network. If this type of challenge appeals to you, let’s talk about partnering to bring our proven elder care model to Belgium.

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Additional Markets

In addition to the featured global markets above, we welcome inquiries related to other potential markets around the globe. If you have an interest in bringing the Home Instead Senior Care model to your region of the world, we look forward to hearing from you.

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